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This is a unique environmentally friendly service to control the pest both on the interior and exterior of the home. There are no products or sprays placed out in the open on the interior for someone or pets to come in contact with. We achieve this through going into the light switch plates and outlets on the wall and injecting a granular bait inside the wall voids. We place granular baits behind all major appliances as well as in the attic.

We use a gel bait around plumbing accesses and areas of high concentration of activity. We carefully remove all accessible wasps nests and spider webs from the exterior of the home and place a repellent barrier in place to prevent future intrusion of these pests. We place granular baits around all flower beds and shrubbery areas as well as products on the ant mounds and the areas around them to control them.

The Killguard comes with a one year warranty against all general pests. The services do not include wood destroying insects, honey bees or hornets, flies, fleas, mosquitoes or gnats.